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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Request to My Readers

As an educator, I have preferred the Socratic approach: questions and conversation.  In setting up this site, I had hoped to apply the same approach.  However, the worldwide web is not a classroom.  It is too unwieldy to maintain classroom decorum.  Nevertheless, I still wish to, somehow, transform the spirit of the classroom to this website.  In this effort, I am requesting your assistance.

The word verification component of the comments section has been removed in order to provide easier access.  I am requesting that you use this to submit your questions and suggestions.  Please ensure that your input follows three basic rules: brevity, respect and relevance.  I cannot respond to each of your remarks, but I do promise that I will try, wherever possible, to incorporate your feedback into future posts.  It is my hope that this will make "The Secular Kabbalist" more responsive to you.

Thank-you for your assistance in this endeavor.  In the spirit of true connection, may we, together, create a site that is pertinent to the lives of many others.

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